We build brands for today’s conscious consumer.

Company: We are a single company that shares operational, digital, and marketing processes and costs across our brand portfolio. We streamline the process for every individual brand, and every individual location of the brand. This efficiency allows us to roll out brands faster than most at a cost lower than most.

Building: We’re never done. We’re constantly building new brands to meet consumer demands and landlord needs within various markets. With our in-house talent and process, we can go from zero to concept in less than 24 hours, and from concept to open in less than a quarter.

Brands: We build brands, each with their own identity. Multiple brands under our singular umbrella allowing us to create more, manage more, and serve more. We harness our network between brands to enable truly great customer experiences.

Today’s: We’re forward-thinking. We utilize modern technology to increase convenience for our consumers. We partner with cutting edge landlords, vendors and brands to deliver quality products and experiences to our guests.

Conscious: We have heart and soul as a company, and we acknowledge that our employees and guests do too. People want a relationship with their brands that’s more than just transactional, and we embrace that.

Consumer: We serve people. Hospitality matters across our portfolio, not just in our food & beverage concepts. We know that every dollar our guests spend with us has been hard earned, and we go the extra mile to ensure that their experience is valued.

Taco Dumbo Interior - Wooden Furniture and Brilliant Greenery
Bridges Interior - 295 Madison
Bia Bikes and Bags
Bia Workout Space


We aim to employ 100,000 of the happiest & healthiest employees in the world.

Job Creation

We employ over 200 people and create an average of 26 jobs per location.

Community Transformation

The neighborhoods where we open brand locations experience a buzz and excitement from tenants and residents alike.

Spiritually Certified

We donate 1% of product, 1% of time, and 1% of profit to partners aligned with our values and communities.

Vibe is tribe.
Vibe is tribe
Jorge and Chef Mike
Dancing at the company party
We win!
By The Numbers
At the end of the day, it’s all about people: our guests, our partners, our employees. This is our best measure of success: the number of people we’ve impacted.
We have locations throughout the New York City area, and will be expanding to other markets soon.
We currently have 3 brands with open locations, with our 4th opening in late 2020.
Our Core Values
Continuous Improvement

We are always improving, challenging ourselves and the status quo.


It begins and ends with us. We follow through with our commitments in a timely manner, and take 100% responsibility for our actions and results.


We maintain positivity, inspiring the same within our community.


We’re relentless in our pursuit of excellence, self-disciplined in bringing our A-game to everything we do.


We bring our heart and soul with us on the journey we’re on with our co-workers, teammates, and guests.