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What We Believe About Retail: Consumer Edition

Retail is not dead. Boring retail is dead.

So says Steven Dennis, senior contributor at Forbes. So says Doug Stephens, the Retail Prophet himself. And so says us. We know first-hand that physical retail isn’t dying. It’s changing. Undergoing metamorphosis. But dying? Absolutely not. We believe in physical spaces. We believe in brick and mortar. We believe in real life experiences. We believe in hospitality. You can’t currently take a Tinder date to a virtual restaurant. And you shouldn’t have to in the future.

Consumers want premium products and experiences without sacrificing affordability.

In today’s day and age, the idea of “economies of scale” has driven prices lower and convenience higher. We believe that consumers the world over are waiting for this same dynamic to hit the brick and mortar world. At Flagship, our scalability, technology, and size drive costs down, so we can offer premium coffee, workouts, food, and other products without sacrificing your wallet.

Consumers want physical experiences supported by a digital layer.

Brick and mortar still matters. Consumers want to receive excellent hospitality and delicious food in a great environment. They enjoy an energizing group workout in a beautiful space. They want a getaway from your office environment from time to time. And as wonderful as a drink at home can be, it doesn’t compare to being out with friends and surrounded by laughter. But just a physical experience is no longer enough to satiate consumer desire. in today’s modern world, the wow factor comes when physical spaces are supported by the digital world: loyalty, convenience, and even the experience itself can be augmented by technology.

Consumers want to be aligned with their brands.

The relationship between consumers and their brands are no longer purely transactional. As consumers have become more conscious of what’s going on in the world around them, they’ve also become attuned to how brands think about the world around them. Consumers then love to shop, eat, and workout at brands that have a worldview that is in line with their own. Consumers care about the supply chain, how brands treat their workforce, and what the brand does to reduce its impact on our planet. For us, being spiritually conscious about our impact is how we view the world…which includes how we do business.

We develop consumer-first brands.

Keeping in mind the above, we’re constantly building and operating our brands with today’s consumer in mind. We seek to be aligned with our consumers through our Spiritually Conscious efforts. We’re building a digital layer to connect all of our brands with our guests. We’re always thinking of ways to make our offerings more affordable and accessible to a larger number of people.

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